Hi! I am Ali, Mum to two fizzy kids who have emotional and learning difficulties. After years of trying (and failing) to parent them in the way I was parented, I finally discovered my own parenting path.

Why FizzyKids?
I founded FizzyKids for two main reasons:


To share my parenting journey to help others feel connected

It can be very isolating parenting, caring for or teaching kids with big feelings and behaviours; but you are not alone. Even if no-one else understands, I GET IT.


I have learnt that there is a better way to parent my fizzy kids

I know that now for sure, having spent years practising, failing, and (im)perfecting a new parenting language and approach. It has had a positive effect on my self-esteem and wellbeing as a parent; and my kids are consistently more emotionally regulated at home and school. I want to make that learning easier for you than it was for me and help you believe that you have got this parenting malarkey.

Where does my story begin?

Honestly? In the pits of despair; sitting at the Doctors ready to accept anti-depressants; having to go away for a weekend to rest, reflect and re-set; feeling the heavy burden of shame from my kids’ big behaviours that had affected friends and family.

What was going on? I thought I was intelligent and smart? I could mange multi-million pound projects at work; large teams; carry out house renovations; juggle emails and on-line shops whilst in my high heels; but I couldn’t manage or help my kids. Something had to change because walking away was never an option.


From that low point I found a way to make changes; big, structural changes in terms of schools, therapists, bedrooms, sensory tools and techniques. And more importantly, multiple, small changes in my parenting approach that over time and with consistency, led to sustainable and long-term improvements for our family and wellbeing.

My aim is to bring you the most practical and easy-to-implement ideas (tried and tested) to help transform your parenting language and approach.

I am not just a parent; I am my family’s greatest asset. And if I can change, I believe you can too.

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