Hard worker. Loves a party. Wannabe entrepreneur.

Ali left full time work around two years ago because her kids needed a significant amount of support at home and school, and she wasn’t able to balance out their needs and a corporate career.  Both kids have additional needs and a couple of learning difficulties chucked in for good measure.

She started out her mixed bag of a career in Investment Banking, but after 5 years took a break and became a minimum-wager, teaching disadvantaged kids to sail and windsurf.  It was an incredible time and taught her that how you speak to and engage with kids has a dramatic impact on what they will and won’t do.  A year or two later she had a ‘tomato’ moment looking at all the vegetables in plastic packaging in the Supermarket and that led to an MSc in Environmental Management followed by becoming a Chartered Environmentalist.  She spent 10 years as a Consultant and in the Water Industry before hanging up her heels and developing a slightly unhealthy penchant for trainers instead!

Ali is now a full time Mum to two wonderful, fizzy kids and wife to a fizzy husband.  Fizzykids the company has been maturing like a very good cheese over a long period of time. It has taken on a few forms, but is very much still work in progress, mostly because she hasn’t had the time or energy to move it forward very quickly.  But Ali knows it will come – she is certain there is a need to support thousands of parents and carers of fizzy kids and help them help their kids.

Life has changed dramatically in the past 30-40 years since we were parented; we are bringing our kids up in a very different world and our understanding of the brain and the impact of neurological and environmental factors on kids and their behaviours is better than ever before – but where is the learning going?  How are we making it accessible to the masses?  Why shouldn’t we challenge ourselves to parent differently if our kids need it?  Why aren’t there more parenting courses being delivered in contemporary ways and settings to meet modern family’s demands? Where is the source of trusted and reliable information on schooling and parenting for fizzy kids with additional needs?

Ali has learnt by experience with her fizzy kids, that what you say and how you say it is critical to help your kid deal with their emotions – but she acknowledges that it’s hard work and despite years of practice she still doesn’t get it right.  It’s about holding on to that part of her that she likes – being kind and thoughtful.  And why shouldn’t our kids expect that from us if we are like that with everyone else in our lives?

Fizzykids is designed to help you, help your fizzy kids. Our aim is that everyone who engages with fizzykids will feel a benefit – the parent or carer, the fizzy kid themselves or a teacher, friend or other family member.  Learning a new parenting language is not exclusive to anyone.

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