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Join the FizzyKids community as we transform our parenting language and the way in which we communicate with our fizzy kids.

What you say and how you say things to your fizzy kids can transform your relationship with your kids and your family dynamics.
We are ambitious about re-learning to be the parents our kids need us to be.

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A fizzy kid is a child who struggles to regulate their emotions because they are taking longer than their peers to develop their emotional maturity and/or because they have a learning difficulty such as Autism or ADHD.

So what does this mean?

Your child has big feelings that they struggle to manage and as a result may display challenging behaviours. The standard parenting techniques are not working. You have had to give up or reduce your work due to a stressful family life. It is difficult to see friends and family because your parenting skills and your child’s behaviours are being judged. Your personal wellbeing and mental health are in decline.

How can FizzyKids help?

We can help you really understand your fizzy kids and learn to be the parent your kids need you to be. We offer hands-on advice to change your parenting language and approach to make you and your kids feel better. We share honest stories of where things have (and haven’t) worked. Most of all, we want you to feel accepted and supported, wherever you are on your parenting journey.


“…your concept is amazing, your content of the highest quality and your brand and personality so warm and reassuring.”

“Your thoughts and our discussions have been invaluable to me.”

“I look forward to reading your nuggets of info every day.”


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